środa, 3 sierpnia 2011

Cleo featured in the CG Gallery 5th Birthday Selection

Hello! I'm very happy to tell you that Cleo has been featured in www.itsartmag.com "CG Gallery 5th Birthday Selection : Top 3D CG Artists :" in fantastic company of very talented CG artists from around the world!

You can view the gallery HERE

wtorek, 28 czerwca 2011

Angry rodent

A quick speedculpt made just for fun :)

środa, 23 marca 2011

End of modeling phase

The model is finished, retopologized, now has normal maps and displacement maps.
Next thing to do is making textures and shaders.

środa, 16 lutego 2011

Boots, sword and "spear" mechanism

So it's more of Scorpion again. I changed the concept of arm pads, added the boots and modelled a japanese sword for him. I also made the mechanism for the famous "spear" ("Get over here!")

wtorek, 8 lutego 2011

3d pdf test

Making 3d pdf files is an interesting method of 3d models presentation that can by viewed by everyone. This particular one from my "Cleo" work is a simplified model with baked textures and shadows on it. Just click on the link below to open it (newest adobe reader recommended)


niedziela, 23 stycznia 2011

Armour details... neverending story

Added hood, neck strap, boots (without armour yet) and the glove which is almost ended work in progress. Some models are intersecting but I didn't bother right now.