środa, 11 grudnia 2013

Human male anatomy ecorche

Here's my take on the ecorche model. I've learned so much during the process and I recomend you to make one - it really opens the eyes on many issues regarding the human anatomy and volumes. I avoided adding some parts of the human body (retinaculums, platysma, veins etc.) so you may find the model incomplete - I may add it in the future. The model was done with a constant help of Anatomy Tools male figure models (http://anatomytools.com/) and the following books:
- Jeno Barcsay "Anatomy for the artists"
- Sarah Simblet "Anatomy for the artists"
- Philippe and Charisse Faraut "Mastering Portraiture"
- Philippe and Charisse Faraut "Figure Sculpting"

poniedziałek, 2 września 2013

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Recently I had a great opportunity to work on game cinematic trailer for Witcher 3: The Wild hunt. The trailer was made by Platige Image for CD Projekt RED and you can watch it here:

Finally I'm allowed to share with you my input to the movie. As a character modeler I've been lucky to model the horse and I have been given a fair amount of time to produce it - giving possibillities for an insight into animal quadruped anatomy and hopefully making the final look of the horse more believable.

Witcher 3 cinematic screengrabs:

Clay render of the horse model:

It was important to make the horse mesh comfortable for rigging but at the same time it had to project most of the volumetric details for muscles - no displacement maps were used for the horse limiting it to normal maps only.

Zbrush views and wireframe:

Beside the horse there was still plenty of tasks to perform during the cinematic production process, so additionally I did the models of knife and club seen in the fight. We also received modeled content directly from the game which was adjusted and remodeled for the cinematic purposes - and so I made the horse gear for simulation, body and clothing for the slim guy thug. I was also partly involved in facial blendshapes like some grins of Geralt and the final smile of the girl - which unlike Geralt was based on a real scanned data.

For more information and full credits please visit Platige Image official website

sobota, 24 sierpnia 2013

Life cast reference

Hell yeah! I just recieved my Arnold Schwarzenegger plaster life cast for facial anatomy reference. Isn't he beautiful? I think evereybody should have his own Arnold :D

niedziela, 14 kwietnia 2013

Head practise 02

Actually this one head is an earlier exercise but I decided to show it anyway.

Head practise

Here's a model which was a small attempt of portraying a famous individual while practising anatomy of the heads from scratch (starting with a sphere).

There will be more to come.

wtorek, 26 marca 2013

ALIVIA Social Campaign

Platige Image is often involved in producing spots for social campaigns. A very important matter of fighting cancer disease is a subject here - it's a hard fight and unfortunately money is a crucial helping factor. The spot shows a fight between a pig (representing a piggy bank) and a cancer (symbol of the disease):

My task was to model the Cancer character. While there was an awesome detailed concept made by Kuba Jablonski which covered all of the character's features, surprisingly there was still place for little design changes to be made for the animation purposes - so I had a rare opportunity to do the dorsal and pelvic armour plates on my own way, which was a great fun to do.

Here is the clay render of the model. The posing was done by Sebastian Kalemba, character was rigged by Mateusz Poplawski.

For more details check HERE

wtorek, 12 marca 2013

Kitekat commercial

A pretty long time ago (last year I think) I've been involved in a Kitekat commercial made by Platige Image - now finally I can show it to you so here it is:

My primary task was to model the two main heroes of this tv spot:

The Kitekatus cat

and the black cat

I also did some face morphtargets for the cats but there is a particular black cat's grin I made under the director's guidance which I wanted to show below :)

For more info please check HERE

niedziela, 17 lutego 2013

Fun with Leocad

While this blog isn't completely about proffesional work, here is a little piece which was pure fun.

I am a Lego fan since I was a 4 year old evil monster so I couldn't miss giving virtual Lego a try. Leocad is a CAD-like sofware which has almost all the Lego brick types in library. You can easily build whatever you want using a snap feature that helps putting the pieces alltogether. What I did here was getting the build done in Leocad and exporting it to 3dsmax entirely without changing any geometry - all the bricks come directly from the software untouched, no modeling done by me. After taking it to 3dsmax I made a studio in Vray and I gave proper shaders to the bricks to fake chamfer on the edges (models from Leocad have no chamfer at all) and rendered the image. The process is really quick while you don't need any modelling to do - it's just building like real Lego and rendering it in previously prepared studio.

So here's the piece :)
It's me in front of my computer working cheerfully... :)

(Sorry for some lowpoly issues like these on hair but as said before the models where imported untouched from Leocad and lazy Me didn't bother to fix anything :P)

poniedziałek, 11 lutego 2013

Catzilla Benchmark

Few months ago Platige Image and Plastic Demoscene Group created a computer setup performance testing PC software. The benchmark here tells a story about two giant cats fighting in a quarantined city, heavily anime style.

You can download the benchmark HERE

or just watch the movie here:

I have been given an opportunity to create models of these giant cats under Kuba Jabłoński's direction and concepts and it was a real fun to do. What I did was 3 versions of black Catzilla - which shows the process of transformation from a small kitty through a medium sized monster cat just to reach the evil twisted destroyer giant cat form. I also did the white Catzilla which is actually the same model corresponding to the black one except the ear-bite and fur shape and came in the small kitty and giant cat version.

Here are some Zbrush grabs of the hires models before going to lowpoly - it's only "small kitty" and "giant cat" forms of the black Catzilla while the middle form is just something between them two and the white ones are very similar to the black ones - so I think it's sufficient to show just those two little troublemakers:

While the engine of the software provided a basic uniform fur I was asked to make an additional hair which covered specific areas of the body, providing some more description to the cat's character. The hair was converted to solid geometry and exported to the software engine to make it act properly.

Here is a comparision view of the cats: (starting from left: hairless black small kitty, black medium hairy cat, black giant hairy cat and white giant hairy cat)

For additional info just click HERE or HERE.

czwartek, 31 stycznia 2013

New layout for the blog

It was about time for new layout for the blog. Here it goes, I hope you like it :)
(and more "about time" for some content... yeah I know ;) it's about to come... some day :) )