poniedziałek, 2 września 2013

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Recently I had a great opportunity to work on game cinematic trailer for Witcher 3: The Wild hunt. The trailer was made by Platige Image for CD Projekt RED and you can watch it here:

Finally I'm allowed to share with you my input to the movie. As a character modeler I've been lucky to model the horse and I have been given a fair amount of time to produce it - giving possibillities for an insight into animal quadruped anatomy and hopefully making the final look of the horse more believable.

Witcher 3 cinematic screengrabs:

Clay render of the horse model:

It was important to make the horse mesh comfortable for rigging but at the same time it had to project most of the volumetric details for muscles - no displacement maps were used for the horse limiting it to normal maps only.

Zbrush views and wireframe:

Beside the horse there was still plenty of tasks to perform during the cinematic production process, so additionally I did the models of knife and club seen in the fight. We also received modeled content directly from the game which was adjusted and remodeled for the cinematic purposes - and so I made the horse gear for simulation, body and clothing for the slim guy thug. I was also partly involved in facial blendshapes like some grins of Geralt and the final smile of the girl - which unlike Geralt was based on a real scanned data.

For more information and full credits please visit Platige Image official website