czwartek, 19 października 2017

Demoreel 2017

The modelling demoreel for 2017.

The projects in the reel include modelling work for:

- Doctor Strange
- Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2
- Geostorm

- Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
- Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings
- Nitro Nation
- Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

- Kitekat
- Alivia
- Felix

środa, 1 marca 2017

Doctor Strange

Hi guys,

Recently Framestore - the VFX company I used to work in for the past 2 years - posted a shots breakdown for Marvel's Doctor Strange movie - which I was lucky to work on for almost a year in the company's modeling team. It was my first credited full feature film and a special lifetime ride where I learned a lot and worked with many talented and amazing people. Here is the VFX Breakdown:

My responsibilities on the project covered many very interesting tasks. The biggest one was modeling the digital actor's clothing for Dr Strange, The Ancient One and one of the villain's helper - it was pure fun to do the costumes :) I also had a chance to help a little bit with modeling of Strange's Cloak of Levitation. Very interesting and challenging was to build and simulate Strange's shirt for the slow-motion shot where he's introduced to his astral form by Ancient One for the first time. We also had a team for building a tiny helicopter for one "snowy" scene ;) There has been some background asset modeling done as well for few shots I'm going to mention once my demoreel is assembled... someday :D

It's important to remember that behind each asset there is a team of people and there is never a one single person working on an entire asset.


niedziela, 18 września 2016

Female fashion model - finished

The model is finally finished and ready ...ish, as I didn't get the chance to pose her properly yet which makes the expression look a bit silly :) All the clothing was done in Marvelous Designer including shoes and all belts - there was a minimal polishing added on top of the clothes in zbrush but overall the software was able to handle a heavy layered setup and produced an almost ready result. Probably I'll try to make a reasonable pose and polish some bits and pieces in the upcoming months but for now I'm leaving it as it is :) Cheers!

niedziela, 10 lipca 2016

Female fashion model

Body for Marvellous Designer cloth building done for a little project.

niedziela, 22 maja 2016


First attempt on doing a complete drawing in Photoshop without any references... and it was great fun! Took about 4 hours total, done on Cintiq Companion.

niedziela, 13 marca 2016


My good and talented friend Lukasz Bukowiecki from Framestore company We work in, decided to make an interview with my humble self on his Blog here

I was very flattered to do it knowing I don't deserve any of the good words mentioned about me in the article. Thank you very much Lukasz!

The interview is done completely in Polish language.

sobota, 12 marca 2016

Pencil photo practice

An exercise with internet photoreference (Nadyasonika), 9B/H pencils.