poniedziałek, 17 września 2012

Speedsculpting #1

A quick speedsculpt made for fun.

poniedziałek, 2 lipca 2012

Hanzo Hasashi - clay renders and video stuff

Here are some clay renders of models and some video stuff related to my recent 3d still work. (forgive me the obsolete anatomy of the guy but it was done a really long time ago :) )

A turntable for the body:

A small peek on trousers simulation process:

czwartek, 28 czerwca 2012

Hanzo Hasashi - Finished

Finally I got finished something I started a long time ago. Under the permission of Vincent Proce who is the character designer for this particular version of Mortal Kombat Scorpion:


I did the char in 3d and put it in a new background (the progress can be viewed here on the blog).
So here it is, the final image. I hope you like it at least a little :)
(Right-click "show image" for 4k resolution)


sobota, 16 czerwca 2012


Just a spontaneous reaction on the polish football team's defeat in Euro 2012.

poniedziałek, 4 czerwca 2012

Kellogg's "Urban Jungle" tv spot

Here are two tv spots done by Platige Image for Kellogg's commercials.

My part here was doing the microphone character model with assets for the two spots (clay render below) and two workers models for the first spot.

wtorek, 29 maja 2012

Squirrels - Felix

This time I wanted to share with you some images of a squirrel sculpt I made for a TV and theater commercial of Felix peanuts done by Platige Image studio.

Here's the clip:

The same model was also used here: 

wtorek, 22 maja 2012

"Cocaine Unwrapped - The Machine"

Recently Platige Image created a spot for campaign against cocaine:

"Platige Image was a part of international social campaign for the "Cocaine Unwrapped" documentary directed by Rachel Seifert. The main theme of the movie is to raise social awareness of how cocaine consumption has a profound influence on people all over the world who are producing and trafficking the drug."

I had a small opportunity to create 3d model of the evil robotic hand.

For more information just visit:

poniedziałek, 21 maja 2012

Anatomy training - Skeleton

Here's a skeleton model I made for anatomy practising purposes. The model was based mainly on Jeno Barcsay book "Anatomy for the artists" and many images from around the net.

piątek, 9 marca 2012

"TP Heart and Mind - speed"

I wanted to share with you a very funny spot for TP S.A. in which I had the opprotunity to create model of the mouse (mouse only - without all the equipement and fur).

Full credits as usual on platige community:

sobota, 3 marca 2012

Making of "The Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings" cinematic intro

Here's a breakdown video for "The Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings" cinematic intro

THE WITCHER 2 Intro - making of from Platige Image on Vimeo.

And here's an article about the making of on CGSociety.org

piątek, 24 lutego 2012

Platige Image project for Qatar

Here I'm happy to present the first project which I was a part of inside Platige Image. It's an animation for Qatar's government to promote a social campaing directed to children in Qatar.

Things I did here are all models of white robes and capes for boys, two faces for boys (image below: first two heads from the right) and rendering and lighting of couple shots with children on board of the train (children only).

More about the project and full credits are here:

czwartek, 16 lutego 2012

The Witcher 2: Assasins of kings - Jesters models

Here are the clay renders of jesters models I did for The Witcher 2: Assasins of kings Cinematic Intro for Platige Image. The basmeshes (beside skinny jester's cap, fat jester's collar and bells which were made by me) were given by CD Projekt RED team. Also some wrinkles directions (trousers and shoes) were given as a base for designing.

piątek, 27 stycznia 2012

The Witcher 2: Assasins of kings cinematic intro

Hello after a very looooong break. I've been absent for a very long time and now I can show one of the reasons why. Here's the intro cinematic for The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 edition made by Platige Image studio, for which I made two character models of the jesters. I was very happy to be a part of the project and I'm astounded by the final effect of the awesome work people did to accomplish it!
Director: Tomek Bagiński Script: Tomek Bagiński Producer: Marcin Kobylecki Piotr Sikora Art and Animation Director: Maciej Jackiewicz CG Supervisor: Maciej Jackiewicz Production Manager: Marta Staniszewska Layout Supervisor: Damian Nenow Layout Artist: Bartłomiej Kik Film Editors: Damian Nenow Tomek Bagiński Compositing: Szlum Pinkumbaum Senior Environment Artists: Marcin Stępień Stanisław Marek Michał Firek Environment Artists: Andrzej Sykut Selim Sykut Senior Lighting Artist: Stanisław Marek Lighting Artists: Krzysztof Olszewski Grzegorz Kukuœ Wojciech Idzi Mariusz Giętkowski Senior Texture Artist: Wojciech Idzi Texture Artists: Bartłomiej Walendziak Tomasz Zaborek Stanisław Marek Jarosław Handrysik Character Modelers: Tomasz Wróbel Marcin Klicki Bartłomiej Gaweł Tomasz Stefański Maciej Halber Michał Godlewski Artur Owœnicki Tomasz Stryjewski Senior Environment Modeler: Krzysztof Olszewski Additional Modelers: Mateusz Bargiel Piotr Luziński Character Animators: Łukasz Kubiński Waldemar Nalepa Łukasz Krawczyk Arkadiusz Firlit Arkadiusz Zawada Paweł Œwierczynski Senior TD: Bartosz Opatowiecki TD: Mateusz Popławski FX TD: Łukasz Sobisz FX Artists: Marek Sulęcki Bartosz Grzybowski Piotr Suchodolski Maciej Jurgielewicz Jakub Jeziorski R&D: Adam Wierzchowski Concept Artists: Bartłomiej Gaweł Damian Bajowski Additional Artists: Tycjan Bartuœ Kamil Pohl Olga Szablewicz- Pisuk Adam Trędowski Alan Uran Grading: Piotr Dutkiewicz On-line Editors: Adam Kałuski Magdalena Mikołajczyk Zielińska Music: Adam Skorupa Sound: Genetix Jarosław Wójcik Studio: Marcin Kardach Motion Capture Performers: Maciej Kwiatkowski Sławomir Kurek Tomasz Lewandowski Bartłomiej Ostapczuk Marek Wasilewski Artur Żebrowski Motion Capture Session: Sointeractive Studio