poniedziałek, 11 lutego 2013

Catzilla Benchmark

Few months ago Platige Image and Plastic Demoscene Group created a computer setup performance testing PC software. The benchmark here tells a story about two giant cats fighting in a quarantined city, heavily anime style.

You can download the benchmark HERE

or just watch the movie here:

I have been given an opportunity to create models of these giant cats under Kuba Jabłoński's direction and concepts and it was a real fun to do. What I did was 3 versions of black Catzilla - which shows the process of transformation from a small kitty through a medium sized monster cat just to reach the evil twisted destroyer giant cat form. I also did the white Catzilla which is actually the same model corresponding to the black one except the ear-bite and fur shape and came in the small kitty and giant cat version.

Here are some Zbrush grabs of the hires models before going to lowpoly - it's only "small kitty" and "giant cat" forms of the black Catzilla while the middle form is just something between them two and the white ones are very similar to the black ones - so I think it's sufficient to show just those two little troublemakers:

While the engine of the software provided a basic uniform fur I was asked to make an additional hair which covered specific areas of the body, providing some more description to the cat's character. The hair was converted to solid geometry and exported to the software engine to make it act properly.

Here is a comparision view of the cats: (starting from left: hairless black small kitty, black medium hairy cat, black giant hairy cat and white giant hairy cat)

For additional info just click HERE or HERE.