niedziela, 17 lutego 2013

Fun with Leocad

While this blog isn't completely about proffesional work, here is a little piece which was pure fun.

I am a Lego fan since I was a 4 year old evil monster so I couldn't miss giving virtual Lego a try. Leocad is a CAD-like sofware which has almost all the Lego brick types in library. You can easily build whatever you want using a snap feature that helps putting the pieces alltogether. What I did here was getting the build done in Leocad and exporting it to 3dsmax entirely without changing any geometry - all the bricks come directly from the software untouched, no modeling done by me. After taking it to 3dsmax I made a studio in Vray and I gave proper shaders to the bricks to fake chamfer on the edges (models from Leocad have no chamfer at all) and rendered the image. The process is really quick while you don't need any modelling to do - it's just building like real Lego and rendering it in previously prepared studio.

So here's the piece :)
It's me in front of my computer working cheerfully... :)

(Sorry for some lowpoly issues like these on hair but as said before the models where imported untouched from Leocad and lazy Me didn't bother to fix anything :P)