sobota, 25 kwietnia 2015

Leto II

This is couple of months old work in progress of Leto II character from Dune. Heavily based on Devon Cady-Lee amazing art. Another piece waiting to be finished someday :D


Just got my profile on Artstation - it's a fabulous place to share your artwork, really intuitive and works kind of like facebook :) See you THERE!

czwartek, 23 kwietnia 2015

Warhammer - Total War

This is a project that required a lot of technical work. While I was working in Platige the whole team made a cinematic for Total War game - this time in Warhammer universe. The result should make the team proud in my opinion. You can finally see it here:

I can't really pinpoint what I did this time - it was a load of retopologizing and UVing. I also did some blendshapes, additional sculpting and modeling mostly for the second plan characters.

I hope you enjoy it :)

niedziela, 19 kwietnia 2015


A very old work in progress. I might give it a go in the upcoming weeks... just considering :)