niedziela, 6 grudnia 2015

Drawing exercise

Here is a drawing exercise I did today, it took good couple of hours as I'm totally not experienced in drawing :) I used a photo for pose reference.

środa, 21 października 2015

Biker girl WIP

Another work in progress based on Karl Kopinski's sketch - still before breaking the symmetry. A lot of fun with this one :)

wtorek, 22 września 2015

Karl Kopinski sketch sculpt

Just recently I purchased Sketchbook Vol 1 by the amazing Karl Kopinski, which includes a collection of very inspiring sketches... so inspiring that I actually couldn't resist to sculpt something from it. It's a 5h work in progress that doesn't do justice to the original sketch but it's a lot of fun to sculpt it :)

środa, 29 lipca 2015

Zubr: Wolves - beer commercial

Platige has just published a new Zubr beer TV commercial today. I did the badger and wolves models in this one more than half a year ago when I was still working in the company in Warsaw. Great job guys!

niedziela, 12 lipca 2015


Hey, it's been some time since I posted here. Too much time in work makes a man very, very lazy :) This time some doodles in Photoshop on my Surface Pro 3. First one 2,5h, second one around 3,5h. Based on photo reference with a small exception on Deadpool where I added the eye and sign.


czwartek, 28 maja 2015

Old stuff in new clothes

Simple studio re-rendering of my older stuff... it can't go grey forever, right? ;)

sobota, 23 maja 2015

Happy nurse - studio render

A quick studio setup for my latest thing in Arnold. It was the first time I rendered something on a tablet :)

niedziela, 17 maja 2015

Happy Nurse

This one took waaaay longer than expected - it was supposed to be some speedy stuff for fun but I decided to spend more time on it. Based on a random character from "Deadpool" comicbook. Done on my faithful Surface Pro 3 :)

środa, 29 kwietnia 2015

"Avengers 2: Age of Ultron"

It was the end of last year when my wonderful Platige adventure met it's finale. I moved to London and started working in Framestore company on movie VFX - which was my dream and goal since I started dwelling into CG.

What I wanted to share is barely a contribution to the movie - as I was borrowed from the main show I'm on, to "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron" - only for a week to do a really, reaaaally tiny little piece of machinery for about 3 shots - two of them in defocus :) It's just beyond ridiculous comparing to people who really worked hard on the movie for months providing a tremendous quality, but it's kind of a big thing for me while this is the first movie I was a part of and it was a great adventure to be inside of something I previously got to see only on DVD movie making-ofs.

And yeah, seeing something own on a big screen was quite a thrill - even if it was watching something of a ping-pong ball size for couple of seconds :) Here's the old teaser for the movie - obviously it doesn't include my super small model :)


 I promise the next thing is going to be a major input ;)

sobota, 25 kwietnia 2015

Leto II

This is couple of months old work in progress of Leto II character from Dune. Heavily based on Devon Cady-Lee amazing art. Another piece waiting to be finished someday :D


Just got my profile on Artstation - it's a fabulous place to share your artwork, really intuitive and works kind of like facebook :) See you THERE!

czwartek, 23 kwietnia 2015

Warhammer - Total War

This is a project that required a lot of technical work. While I was working in Platige the whole team made a cinematic for Total War game - this time in Warhammer universe. The result should make the team proud in my opinion. You can finally see it here:

I can't really pinpoint what I did this time - it was a load of retopologizing and UVing. I also did some blendshapes, additional sculpting and modeling mostly for the second plan characters.

I hope you enjoy it :)

niedziela, 19 kwietnia 2015


A very old work in progress. I might give it a go in the upcoming weeks... just considering :)

czwartek, 2 kwietnia 2015

Skyforge - game cinematic trailer

Quite a long time ago I had an opportunity to be involved in Platige's cinematic for a MMORPG game - Skyforge. Now the clip finally debuts in internet and here it is:

I was responsible for the main hero's head model and blenshapes, I also helped with some modeling technical stuff for the muscular character :)


wtorek, 10 marca 2015

Dark crystal Jedi

If you can't do your Lunch-crunch in work on lunchtime - just do it home :) Even if it shamelessly exceeds the time limit :D

Subject: Dark Crystal/Labirynth
Time: 2,5h from sphere (cylinder for weapon)
Done on my faithful Surface Pro 3 ;)

niedziela, 1 marca 2015


1 hour lunch crunch in work - the subject Fatty McFatterson :)