środa, 1 marca 2017

Doctor Strange

Hi guys,

Recently Framestore - the VFX company I used to work in for the past 2 years - posted a shots breakdown for Marvel's Doctor Strange movie - which I was lucky to work on for almost a year in the company's modeling team. It was my first credited full feature film and a special lifetime ride where I learned a lot and worked with many talented and amazing people. Here is the VFX Breakdown:

My responsibilities on the project covered many very interesting tasks. The biggest one was modeling the digital actor's clothing for Dr Strange, The Ancient One and one of the villain's helper - it was pure fun to do the costumes :) I also had a chance to help a little bit with modeling of Strange's Cloak of Levitation. Very interesting and challenging was to build and simulate Strange's shirt for the slow-motion shot where he's introduced to his astral form by Ancient One for the first time. We also had a team for building a tiny helicopter for one "snowy" scene ;) There has been some background asset modeling done as well for few shots I'm going to mention once my demoreel is assembled... someday :D

It's important to remember that behind each asset there is a team of people and there is never a one single person working on an entire asset.


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