poniedziałek, 5 października 2009

Back to work on "School dreamer"

After three month pause I'm getting back to a project I started for a CG contest on www.max3d.pl vortal. Unfortunately I couldn't make it before deadline then because I was defending my diploma thesis (Master of Physics degree - yeah :D ). Now, when everything's done I can continue the project at last. Of course the contest has ended 2 months ago, so the project is being made outside the competition now.


Another boring lesson in the school makes dreaming a pleasing alternative. So does the kid whose nearly sleepy thoughts formed a soft levitating cloud filled with a dream he allways loved to come true. There he walks through the school corridor in a superhero costume with the most beautiful girl in the school by his side, leaving behind his villain and oppresor hanging with pants on the locker's door like a flag on a pole.



I'll try not to make you bored with all the progress renders so here's the superhero dreamer himself

And here is just the start of modelling the girl he's dreaming about

That's all for now, I hope to post an update soon.

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