wtorek, 26 marca 2013

ALIVIA Social Campaign

Platige Image is often involved in producing spots for social campaigns. A very important matter of fighting cancer disease is a subject here - it's a hard fight and unfortunately money is a crucial helping factor. The spot shows a fight between a pig (representing a piggy bank) and a cancer (symbol of the disease):

My task was to model the Cancer character. While there was an awesome detailed concept made by Kuba Jablonski which covered all of the character's features, surprisingly there was still place for little design changes to be made for the animation purposes - so I had a rare opportunity to do the dorsal and pelvic armour plates on my own way, which was a great fun to do.

Here is the clay render of the model. The posing was done by Sebastian Kalemba, character was rigged by Mateusz Poplawski.

For more details check HERE

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