poniedziałek, 21 grudnia 2009

Christmas card insertion

Here is a christmas card which I did for the use of Departament of Urban Planning. The card is an insertion into christmas cards bought in a shop. The final piece contains a text placed on the snow part but I'm only presenting the image whithout the text here.

The models of presents and bag were made in 3dsmax as a basic form and then transfered to ZBrush and sculpted there. The unrealistic packing of the presents is done with purpose to get an idea of what is inside - and these are some main buildings from Bydgoszcz. Snow background was sculpted completely with ZBrush, ribbons and strings were modeled in 3dsmax. The whole scene was then moved back to 3dsmax and rendered with Vray into layers such like diffuse, specular, reflection or shadows layer and composed into one in Photoshop.

MPU states for Miejska Pracownia Urbanistyczna (in english: Departament of Urban Planning)

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